Planning the music for your wedding ceremony or reception need not be stressful.
 At the request of our clients, we have assembled a guide addressing the time frame of a typical wedding ceremony.

Please fill out this form at least one month prior the event 
(Please refer to the contract regarding our outdoor policies) 
                          COCKTAIL HOUR / RECEPTION MUSIC  (if applicable/see your contract) 

Choosing a few pieces of music is helpful to let us know the type of atmosphere you desire. Some of our clients request a mostly classical repertoire while others request a mix including classical, show tunes, popular music, waltzes, etc.
 We do NOT recommend that you choose the entire program for your cocktail hour or reception.
 Our musicians are skilled in discerning what your guests enjoy and will tailor the program once you give us an idea of the mood you wish to create.
(rarely performed at most weddings/ check with officiant)
(if applicable)
(it is a tradition on most ceremonies)
(if applicable)
"We will play upbeat and festive music until the guests exit the venue, this usually encompasses 1 to 3 musical selections."
2. Entrance of the Bridal Party (bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, maid of honor.) 

(also rarely aplies)
3. Entrance of the Bride
Note* For a smooth entrance it is very important that the bride wait to hear this selection before starting to walk down the aisle."

(Can be the same as the previous selection) 
Event Date:
Prelude start time:
Ceremony start time: 
Cocktail hour start time:  
Location (name and address):  
Bride's Name:
Groom's Name: 
Primary contact Name & Phone: 
Name & email of Officiant: 

1. Entrance of the Mothers. Once this begins, all of the processions directly follow with no interim music. At this point we will need a reliable signal in order to start this first chosen piece of music. This can be given by the event planner at the church, synagogue, or function venue, or from a groomsman...
Musicians play as guests arrive/are seated (usually 20-30 minutes prior to the ceremony).
Do you want the quartet manager to select ALL of the prelude music?
We can create a certain atmosphere from just a few requests. For example, you may want the atmosphere to be upbeat and festive, or more romantic and reflective. 
Requested Prelude Music
Entrance of Parents Music Selection:
Number of mothers/grand mother:
Bridal Party Music Selection:
Number of Bridesmaids: 
Number of Maid/Matron of Honor:
Number of Flower Girls:
Number of Ring Bearers:
*Who is the last person to reach the front/altar just before the bride processes?
Bridal entrance Music Selection: 
Introduction Music Selection:
Communion Music Selection:
Unity Candle Music Selection:
Presentation of Roses Music Selection:
Meditation Music Selection:
Recessional Music Selection:
Specify selections you do or do not want played:
Only use if your contract includes a cocktail hour
I understand that an extra fee ($125 per score) will apply for any music selection request that is not listed on the Innocenti Strings Audio Page. special request menu 
To further assist you in this process, you may consult our audio sample page
Group you have hired
Contact info of your Photographer/Videographer: 
*Will  Parking be available for musicians?
   If it will be, please provide any details:
Your Remaining Balance due the day of the event as it appears on your contract:
List of Special Request if applicable:
3 weeks minimum notice prior the events date


Should you tip? Although not required, tipping the musicians is a common practice.  If you really liked the music and our overall service, a little extra will be greatly appreciated. for those of you who end up broke after the wedding, a nice online review will do it too ;) 

In most cases, the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior the event. Please check your contract for more info.

N/A if you have not hired us for a cocktail Hour
add "N/A" in the boxes if the section does not apply
you may choose about 6 selections or have us choose for you
All selections listed on our audio sample page are part of our repertoire and free of charge
If we do not have your song, you may special order it with four week's notice. A fee will apply special request menu