What is a string quartet? 
A string quartet is an ensemble of four instruments--two violins, a viola (a slightly larger, deeper sounding version of a violin) and a cello. Composers such as Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms have been writing music for this combination of instruments for over 200 years. For weddings, Pachelbel's "Canon" and "The Water Music Suite" by Handel sound wonderful played by a string quartet, as does the music of Bach and Mendelssohn and Wagner. 

If you prefer to have a modern touch. we play anything from Coldplay to Movie soundtracks. The quartet is always the best option. We have tons of music from the pop/rock repertoire!!

How will a string quartet fit into a wedding celebration? 
The sound of a string quartet is smooth, romantic and refined. Whether your event is an intimate gathering or is a lavish formal affair, music can be used to create an elegant atmosphere throughout your special day and will make an impression that will last long after the wedding celebration is over. 
There are many places where music is the perfect complement: 
As your guests gather, prelude music can be uplifting or reflective. Special music can be used to signal the beginning of the wedding ceremony as parents and family members are seated. The bridal party and of course the bride has her own processional music
During the ceremony, music is often played at the lighting of the unity candle, during a rose presentation, during communion, or simply as a solo. The officiator at your service may offer suggestions for appropriate places for music. 
Joyful music ends the ceremony and sends the newly married couple out triumphantly. 
Following the ceremony, the mood can quickly change for the reception with festive, light, romantic music as people have their first refreshments.
Later, during a meal, music is proper with every menu. Quieter musical selections are nice as people eat and converse at lunch or dinner. Your choices are endless. 

How do I select music?...especially if I don't know much about music.
No matter how much or how little you know, your taste is vital in deciding what music you want played at every point in your wedding celebration. 
First, think about the mood and tone you want to set joyous and uplifting quiet and reflective some of each as the celebration unfolds. 
Then, listen to recordings of suggested wedding music. Pay special attention to the music at the next wedding you go to. Look at The Innocenti String Quartet's audio sample page for ideas. 
Call us and we will work directly with you to select music from the quartet s repertoire that has special meaning for you and will enhance the occasion. The Innocenti Strings repertoire has extensive and varied music from the early Baroque to contemporary love songs, and everything in between. 

Will there be any travel expenses?
-The travel is FREE when the destination is less than 25 miles away from Downtown city listed
-When the destination is more than 25 miles away. A travel fee of $1 per mile per musician is applied.
(ex: 60 miles away will be charged $60 per musician)
-Use this link for distance calculations:
Google travel calculator 

Which ensemble should I choose? 

*String Quartet: Two violins, viola, and cello perform in a wide variety of musical styles. This group is the most effective and versatile, with an extensive repertoire, and full vibrant sound.

*String Quintet: adding a double bass to the quartet increases the volume by deepening the base and gives the feeling of a small orchestra-excellent for the largest parties. 

*String Trio: Two violins and cello or violin, viola and cello. This group is very popular, especially for smaller weddings. Not quite as loud as the quartet, but has an extensive repertoire and is better suited for a modest budget and limited space. 

*String Duo: Two violins or violin and cello. This is very intimate ensemble, which can create a beautiful atmosphere, but has a limited volume. Excellent for smaller events and spaces

How did you find us?
There is a special request I would like performed. Can you do that? 
 Yes!. Even if it is not in our repertoire, or available for string quartet, we will be happy to write an arrangement for the quartet
(An extra fee may apply). 

Will you rehearse with the guest instrumentalist or singer? 
Most likely, we can meet earlier at the venue before the festivities. The amount of time needed depends on the music. A fee will apply to rehearsal time. 
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